Separate from the Board, the Bahamas Association of Georgia, Inc.  is served by seven standing committees, which are as follows: Scholarship Committee, Membership Committee, Social Committee, Student Relations Committee, Public Relations Committee, Event Planning Committee, Fund Raising Committee. Committee chairs serve a one-year term. To view committee chairs please refer to the Executive page here. To join a committee, please complete the Bahamas Association of Georgia Inc. interest form.

Scholarship Committee
The scholarship Committee serves to advance the Bahamas Association of Georgia Inc. by awarding scholarships to deserving students. Persons on this committee will review and present to the Board the types of scholarships needed. They will also develop, review, and set guidelines for the scholarships and make known their availability.

Once the scholarships funds have been identified and all applications have been received by the deadline, usually within a two-week period, the Committee will meet, read applications, rank candidates and hold conference calls or meetings to select winners.  Scholarships are awarded once per year.

In the absence of an awarding period, Committee members will scout opportunities to gain funding for the scholarship fund.

Membership Committee
The membership Committee serves to increase students, individual and family membership in the Bahamas Association of Georgia Inc. and strives to retain members through offering services that meet their needs. Persons on this committee are responsible for finding ways to inform members and prospective members about association goals, and benefits.  They will also provide recommendations on ways to acknowledge new members and encourage participation in association sponsored events.

Social Committee
The social Committee serves to assist in maintaining and promoting social relationships among members by developing and coordinating community events for the Bahamas Association of Georgia Inc. Persons on this committee love to get together to organize and plan community events where members can get together, have fun, and relax. After planning events, persons on this Committee will be responsible for reaching out to members to encourage participation.

Student Relations Committee
The Student Relations Committee serves to enhance the communication
and interaction of our student population with the Bahamas Association
of Georgia Inc. Persons on this Committee will identify Bahamian
students attending school in the Georgia Tri-state area and periodically
check in to find out issues and needs to relay to the Board. This could
include things like tutoring needs, transportation assistance, and
developing host family connections. This Committee will also connect
students to volunteer activities.

Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee serves to support all other committees
in promoting the Bahamas Association of Georgia Inc. Persons on this
Committee will develop a Communications plan, reach out to members,
promote events sponsored by the event planning Committee, greet
members in support of the Social Committee initiatives, and keep
members aware and informed of ongoing efforts. Public Relations
committee functions can include member phone calls, newsletter
publication, flyer design and development, social media strategies and
execution and others. Public Relations members are also guest speakers
at local community and cultural events. If you love to talk, and better
yet, talk about our culture, this team is right for you. If you are a social
person, good with editing or writing, or playing with publishing tools,
this is a great committee for you!

Event Planning Committee
The Event Planning Committee serves to facilitate and promote the
organization’s five signature events, which are held on an annual
schedule. It is a great opportunity for persons who need to know in
advance specific dates and times for commitment. The signature events
include the following:

Persons on this Committee will plan 6 weeks prior to the event and
confirm location, event budget, sign off on funding, publicity efforts
(working in conjunction with the Public Relations Committee) and set up
ticket cost and process.

Fund Raising Committee
The Fund Raising Committee serves to assist the organization in
acquiring funds. Persons on this committee will develop fundraising
goals, research fundraising opportunities, develop target sources for
funds, and develop a fundraising plan to present to the Board. This
committee also develops acknowledgements and receipts that must be
provided to donors, and ensures grant requirements are met. This is a
great opportunity for interested persons with grant writing capabilities,
and finance or research backgrounds; however, these skills are not
required! If this sounds like something you are interested in, the
Bahamas Association of Georgia Inc. will work to ensure the needed
skills are developed through training and consulting.

The Bahamas Association of Georgia Inc. has developed a number of
social, cultural, and academic programs throughout the years, some of
which are still alive today. Listed below are just a few of the activities
developed over the years:

v Cook-Out -“ A Taste of The Bahamas”
v Independence Day Anniversary Event
v Souse Out with back to school giveaway
v DeKalb International Food and Music Festival
v Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
v Holiday Party
The Cook-Out- "A Taste of The Bahamas" - usually held in May
Bahamas Independence Day Anniversary Event - usually held in July
Dekalb International Food and Music Festival - usually held in October
Annual Thanksgiving Dinner - usually held in November
Holiday Party - usually held in December
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