Our Vision
Our Mission
The Bahamas Association of Georgia, Inc. is dedicated to uniting all Bahamians in the
Atlanta, Georgia Tri-state area (Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee), as well as
descendants of The Bahamas to continue expressing our standards of excellence,
through our culture while educating, sharing and helping each other reach a
common goal.
The Bahamas Association of Georgia, Inc., will become the uniting force for all
Bahamians in the Georgia Tri-State area (Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee), with an
interest of connecting with other Bahamian Associations throughout the United
States and Canada.

In The Community
"A Taste Of The Bahamas" Cook-Out 2012
The Purpose
To educate, motivate, inspire and empower each other to a higher level of excellence in achieving our collective and individual goals.  This is done through
workshops, seminars, networking events and other social events etc.  Guest speakers are invited to address concerns and issues important to us such as:
a) Immigration
b) Taxes
c) Financial Consultation
The Message
na dan’t argie with we, dis ting is far real, we dan't wa ya confuddle up ya head, but yinna join da day..”
(“now don’t argue with us, this thing is for real, we don’t want you to be confuse, but join today”)
The Bahamas Association of Georgia is made up of Bahamians living in the metro Atlanta or the State of Georgia.
These members come from a wide range of backgrounds and engage in a very diverse workforce that includes: doctors, lawyers, scientist, architects,
accountants and students, to name a few. Our members also serve in managing roles in some of the nation’s top corporate and government organizations,
(Cisco Systems, Emory Healthcare, McKesson Corporation, University of Georgia, Grady Health System, Rosser International, etc….)
The Bahamas Association of Georgia is operated by its members, consisting of the Executive Board, Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.  An elected
Board of Directors determines policies and set goals.  The President presides over all Board Meetings. Members become involved by working on
committees, which include: Membership Development, Public Relations, Fundraising, and Social Committees.
But enough about us-let’s talk about you. If you are a Bahamian residing in the metro Atlanta area or the Georgia Tri-State, then the Bahamas Association of
Georgia, Inc., is your home away from home. Come join us for an unparalleled experience to interact with fellow Bahamians and descendants of the
Objectives Involved
· Promoting opportunities for the interaction and networking of members
· Fostering growth and prosperity of businesses and individuals
· Increasing employment opportunities

We provide quality programs and support to all of our professional, family and student members and are committed to preserving and sharing our culture.
There is just so much to know about Bahamians, our history and who we are as a people.
We are highly respected for our unique cultural abilities, educational accomplishments, and political awareness.
The Bahamas Association of Georgia, Inc. (BAG, Inc.) is currently led by its President, Mr. Christopher A. Roker, supported by the Board of Directors.  Our
Board of Directors is a distinct group of professionals with backgrounds in IT, Finance, Communications, Clinical Science and Engineering, serving in the
roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Advisors.
We Believe That
- When we work together and are united as a force, we can bring about changes in our community for the good
- In order to be successful, our members and their respective communities must be fully engaged
- Transparency and accountability are vital to the success of our organization
- Our organization must be based on respect, diligence and commitment
- Education is the key to success and we must propel and guide our youth to those paths
- As responsible citizens we must provide guidance and mentorship to our nationals, especially our youth
- Our organization exists as a connection to our homeland and that we must foster unity to move forward, upward, onward, together
d) Credit - Credit repair
e) College life as an international student
f) Career Planning
We Pledge To You
- We will strive to deliver the highest quality of programs always
- We will not take part in any activity that will destroy or degrade the harmony of our values and beliefs
- We will recognize those who contribute to the success of the organization
- We will develop and support programs that encourage members to grow in their individual talents or skills
- We will maintain transparency in the Association’s dealings by preparing annual budgets, maintaining accurate records, and providing membership with
quarterly updates on finances
·  Enhancing the economic stability of the Bahamian community
·  Providing educational scholarships for our youth
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